Special Program For Graha Shanti

Special programs for any issues, problems related to conceiving children or any problem related to your child’s welfare. These divine Vedic rituals are specially customized for you.

Our pooja programs are performed by senior pandits with years of experience who are well versed in Vedic hymns, mantras, and invocations.

We only use sacred materials for the rituals as per principles and instructions mentions in ancient Vedic books

Graha Shanti pooja of any one planet

This divine homam is the most advised ritual for begetting a child. The ritual is a comprehensive procedure where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in his form as young Lord Krishna. The offerings are performed with Tulsi leaves and the vedic hymn recitals of Purusha Sookta as defined by Vedic Sookta of Lord Vishnu are recited. The Santana Gopala mool japa & Mantra are also recited by installing the Santana Gopala Yantra. This procedure makes the Homam very powerful and effective in realising the positive results for anyone who wishes to conceive children. This homam can also be performed by people who already have children, for the overall benefit and wellbeing of the child

Navagraha Pooja

This pooja is dedicated to appeasing the 9 planets or Nava Grahas, the Pooja is performed by reciting the prescribed amount of Namavalis to all the planets and the ritual is performed by a minimum of 2 pandits who are well versed in vedic rituals and procedures