Special Program For Life Longevity

Special programs and Pooja for long life, healthy life and a life without worries are offered by ASK GURUJI. Performing these time tested and ancient rituals are a sure way of invoking Gods’ blessing of longevity and health.

Our pooja programs are performed by senior pandits with years of experience who are well versed in Vedic hymns, mantras, and invocations.

We only use sacred materials for the rituals as per principles and instructions mentions in ancient Vedic books

Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam

The Mrutyunjaya mantra is the foremost weapon against all forms of complications or impediments one might face in regards to their long life and health. The Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam, is a powerful ritual which offers a shield from any negativity which might affect your life. The Homam is performed with Shiva Pooja Rudram and the continuous recital of Maha Mrutyajaya mantra. The homa is performed as per Vedic scriptures and instructions to consummate the offerings. The higher the number of recitations the better the outcome and benefit to the person on who’s behalf the homam is being performed.