Special Program For Professional Business Troubles

Special programs and pooja for overcoming any professional, work or business related troubles are offered and personalized for maximum effects. These rituals will help you deal with any current and future problems you may face in your business or professional life.

Our pooja programs are performed by senior pandits with years of experience who are well versed in Vedic hymns, mantras, and invocations.

We only use sacred materials for the rituals as per principles and instructions mentions in ancient Vedic books

Purusha Sooktha Homam

This intricate homam will be performed by 5 divinely blessed pandits, and will be offered to Lord Vishnu. The procedure will include recitals of Namavalis, Narayanopanishat, Purusha Sooktam. The offering is most beneficial against all sorts of challenges in a man’s life and is even mentioned in the ancient hindu scriptures. The Homam will end with Ghana Patham. It is believed that all people performing Purusha Sooktam will attain the highest levels of paradise.