Special Program For Protection Against Evil

Special programs and pooja for protection against evil and negative energy is considered as one of the most exclusive rituals. This ritual is usually performed to conquer negativity, black magic and provide protection from disease, enemies, obstacles, and bestows good fortune and health.

Our pooja programs are performed by senior pandits with years of experience who are well versed in Vedic hymns, mantras, and invocations

We only use sacred materials for the rituals as per principles and instructions mentions in ancient Vedic books

Sudharshana Homan

Invoking the protection of Lord Vishnu against all types of evil, doshas and troubles that may be directed towards you from your enemies. This ritual is a one stop solution to all problems related to black magic, evil eye, persecution from evil energies. The divine, powerful ritual is performed by a minimum of five Vedic pandits reciting Sudharshana japas and performing other effective procedures.