Gau Dhana (Cow Donation) is one of the most auspicious and blessed offering anyone can do in their life time. In the Vedic scriptures it is defined that every human has 7 mothers, and one of them is the Cow, who is equivalent to our real mother.

It is believed that anyone who performs the pious deed of Gau dhana will always have good destiny, and find utmost salvation.

ASK GURUJI’s special Gau Dhana Program, is conceptualised to helps you with the following benefits

  • Get rid of your sins and overcome bad deeds
  • Attain forgiveness from unknown debts and wrong doings
  • Helps you obtain salvation after death

Special days for Cow Donation (Gau Dhana)

  • Vijaya Ekadashi
  • Amlaki Ekadashi
  • Paapmochani Ekadashi
  • Kamada Ekadashi
  • Varuthini Ekadashi
  • Vaishaka Govratam
  • Go Padam Vrata
  • Badhrapada Krishna Chaturti
  • Kapili Shasti
  • Gau Triratra Vrata
  • Gau Navratri
  • Gopa Ashtami
  • Vaitrani Ekadashi
  • Gau Vatsa Dwadashi