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Online Vaastu Consultation – ASK GURUJI

ASK GURUJI is delighted to present its online Vaastu Consultation service to enhance our offerings. Our Vaastu service is unique in the sense that, our analysis is offered with the combined knowledge of astrology. Access our Vaastu services to improve your success, happiness and quality of life.

What We Offer

  • We offer Vaastu insights for your residence and workplace
  • Remedies to help purify the space you occupy
  • A Vaastu reading and solutions based on your horoscope and house plan/floor plan
  • Quick and easy solutions from Vaastu doshas
  • Online interaction with our Vaastu consultants on follow up.

How To Buy?

  • Select Basic or Premium Option and enter your Question
  • Click on Consult Now Button and Upload Floor plan, pictures and Horoscope Details
  • Make the payment and enter your personal details
  • Written Report and Answer to your Question will be delivered with in a week on your Email