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Customised Rahu Ketu Transit Report

Specially written for you under the guidance of Sri Sri Ravishanker Guruji.

Rahu & Ketu are two planets who are considered to have a major effect on everyone. Therefore, Rahu Ketu transit is extremely important in defining astrological events in everyone’s life. This transit which lasts for 18 months will enter Taurus and Scorpio respectively on September 23rd 2020, and this might bring either adverse effects or positive effects based on your destiny. This transit can initiate a quick downfall or quick rise in your life, career, business, finances etc.

Sri Sri Guruji, provides you with a comprehensive detailing and customized Rahu-Ketu Gochara report to deal with the possible effects of this important transit. This report is essential for each individual to equip themselves with the means to control any negative effect of the transit, and also remedies there in.

Objectives of the Rahu- Ketu 2020 Report

  • Specific answers to all your concerns will be addressed in the report, based on how things are placed in your horoscope.
  • Understand the position of Rahu & Ketu in your horoscope and the influence they might wield upon your life.
  • An advance update on the next 18 months as to what events might transpire in your life during the transit and how they will affect your business, career, finance and life on the whole.
  • The report will offer personalised remedies to tackle the negative effects of Rahu & Ketu through the transit timeline.

Advantages of the Rahu – Ketu 2020 Report

  • Overcome the ill effects of the transit by applying remedies as prescribed in the report.
  • Take advantage of the specific guidance the report will provide in regards to opportunities and challenges during the Gochara.
  • Get first hand predictions on all the important aspects of your life through this report.
  • The Rahu- Ketu 2020 Transit Report, will help you chart the right course of action to become successful and avoid any problems during the crucial period of transit.
  • Get answer to one specific question you may have in relevance to the Rahu & Ketu gochara.

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