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Customised Varshaphala Report

Specially written for you under the guidance of Sri Sri Ravishanker Guruji.

The Varshaphala system is an accurate prediction system stemming out of Vedic astrology, and based on Sun’s return to same sign and degree as that of its natal position in that year. The Varshaphala report 2020 will define and give you accurate predictions for the whole year and will help you deal with difficult phases of your life. Get answers for your most critical concerns in life related to work, personal life, business, financial situation etc.

Sri Sri Guruji, provides you with an insightful and customized Varshaphala report to deal with the possible effects of this important event. This report is essential for each individual to equip themselves with the means to control any negative effect of the transit, and also remedies there in.

Objectives of the Varshaphala 2020 Report

  • Get yearlong astrological predictions with a monthly report.
  • Get an accurate analysis of your year ahead and prepare for any critical aspects.
  • The report will offer personalised remedies to tackle the negative effects of Shani transit and how to make use of the positive opportunities it offers.

Advantages of the Varshaphala Report

  • Find suitable astrological remedies to tackle any negative impacts you may have in this year.
  • Get personalized guidance on how to evade negative effects and the challenges that might arise.
  • Get first hand predictions on all the important aspects of your life through this report.
  • Get answers to one specific question you may have in relevance to the Varshaphala report.

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